Petrol Vs Diesel Car- Which Is More Popular

Buyers of new cars are increasingly choosing petrol models, ending a long period of dominance by their diesel counterparts. As recently as 2014, diesels accounted for more than half of the new car market. But a combination of recent factors, including relatively higher fuel prices, concerns over pollution and last year’s Volkswagen emissions scandal, have severely dented the popularity of diesels. The most recent figures from industry body the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that, despite an overall increase in the number of new vehicles sold in July, diesel purchases were down by 1.1%. This followed a 2.1% fall in the previous month. To give a longer-term perspective, diesel cars represented 50.1% of the new vehicle market in 2014 against 47.8% for petrol models. But last year, diesels have accounted for 48% of sales, while petrol has held steady at 48.8%.

So why have diesels fallen out of favour, and why are motorists more likely to prefer petrol?

Last year, as wholesale oil prices fell, retailers faced heavy criticism for their perceived failure to pass on savings to diesel customers as quickly as they did to drivers of petrol cars. This is likely to have reinforced the impression that diesel running costs are considerably more expensive.

The VW emissions scandal that emerged in the United States last September has undoubtedly had a damaging impact on the perception of diesel cars among motorists all over the world.

The “cheat software” that was identified by American regulators as having given VW diesels an unfair and misleading advantage in US emissions tests may not have been used to such an extent in other markets.

But faith in diesels in general has suffered, and consumers now have much greater awareness of the potential harmfulness of the nitrogen oxide emissions generated by diesel engines.

These issues have created a great deal of uncertainty for people who are thinking about choosing a diesel as their next car – and it is no wonder that petrol models are increasingly being preferred.