Men Vs Women- Who Is More Likely To Misfuel?

Misfuel numbers point to around 150,000 incidents a year in the UK alone, that is one every three and a half minutes. If it has just happened to you, you are certainly not alone.

Diesel misfuelling is easily done. An unleaded pump nozzle is smaller in diameter than a diesel nozzle and so fits the tank filler neck without resistance. However, the reverse does not apply as the diesel nozzle simply will not fit in the filler of an unleaded petrol tank.

When it comes to the battle of the sexes there are two motoring honours that men are not going to be proud of laying claim to – running out of fuel and putting the wrong type of fuel in their car.

Of those who say they have been left high and dry by ‘playing petrol or diesel roulette’ and losing, 61% were men in contrast to just 39% who were women.

In terms of misfuelling mishaps, men are also statistically more likely to suffer a forecourt fiasco than women, with 13% saying they have done so in contrast to just 8% of women according to research conducted by the RAC.

While the reason for men’s ‘fuel’ishness is unclear – it may be as simple as they tend to drive more miles per year than women, what is certain is that the number of ‘out of fuel’ incidents increases when fuel prices are rising, presumably because they are trying to make it to their preferred filling station with the lowest prices.