How Red Diesel Saves You Money

Cutting the costs of regular expenses is becoming more and more important, as the costs of things continue to raise. If you have been thinking about how Red Diesel can save you money, then you have definitely come to the right place. The information within this blog will help you make the decision to switch, whether you are considering about doing so at your home or business.

Red Diesel is basically the same as the Diesel fuel which is, as you know used for cars on the road. However, as the name implies, the fuel has a red dye in it. This type of fuel can be used for off-road nature. Other names for this type of fuel include Tractor Fuel, Gas Oil, Heating Oil and many more…

As the fuel is served for off-road purpose, this is not subject to 20% road usage tax that normal, white diesel is subject to. There is only a 5% tax for the fuel, which is a huge rate reduction. Red Diesel has a wide variation of uses, which makes it very effective and effifcent throughout the home and business, and will help you save a great deal on your bills. 

The “Heating Oil” can also be used in machinery on construction sites, as well as bulldozers, tractors, generators and more. It can be used for all types of vehicles and engines that are off road. There is a slight problem; because it is so readily available, regular drivers often use it illegally in their gas tanks. This can lead to hefty penalties and even prison time for tax evasion, so although it may seem a cheaper option, if you get caught using this fuel on the roads… it certainly won’t work out cheaper!

Once you know the uses of this type of fuel, it will definitely be easy to make the switch from regular fuel types! This will result in immediate savings in your business, as well as greater savings in the long term. This is THE perfect way to cut costs, and be able to expand in other areas with your remaining funds.