Fuel Prices Set To Rise Upto 12p A Litre Before Christmas

Petrol motorists have been warned that petrol prices could rise by up to 8p a litre before Christmas. If you’re a diesel driver, its even worse news as forecourt prices are up by as much as 12p a litre by Christmas.

The forecast comes following the increase in the price of Brent crude oil, which has gone up by £13 a barrel since midway through the year. This has increased by around 20%. A standard barrel of oil is trading at more than £50, the highest since June 2015.

If the average car uses 35 litres of fuel each week, then these forecasts will add at least £150 a year extra to motoring bills.

Fuel duty has remained at 57.95p a litre since 2011, whilst diesel is taxed higher than other EU countries. Howard Cox, of the pressure group Fair Fuel UK, called on chancellor Phillip Hammond to scrap the rise in fuel duty in the budget on November 22.