Are You Disposing Of Your Waste Fuels Safely?

All hazardous materials pose a risk to both people and the environment. Diesel fuels and other petroleum-based materials are particularly dangerous and, since they are among the most widely transported hazardous materials, special attention ought to be given to their treatment. Here are some potential dangers which may occur when dealing with fuels:

  • Diesel fuel and Petrol are highly flammable liquids which can give off flammable vapour, even at very low temperatures. This means there is always a risk of fire or explosion if a source of ignition is present
  • Petrol floats on the surface of water and may travel long distances, eventually causing danger away from the place where it escaped
  • Petrol vapour does not disperse easily and may also travel long distances. It tends to sink to the lowest possible level and may collect in tanks, cavities, drains, pits, or other enclosed areas, where there is little air movement
  • If fuel is inhaled it may cause dizziness, headaches and nausea
  • If fuel comes into contact with the skin then it may cause dry skin and redness

All fuels should be collected, transported and where possible, recycled correctly and safely in accordance with The Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and The Scottish Environment Protection Agency regulations. Drivers should wear the correct personal protective equipment when collecting and transporting fuels and they should also be fully trained and equipped to deal with any potential hazards which may occur. When transporting low flash materials, an ADR Pet Regged Tanker should be used for this and no naked flames should be present during the period of transition of the fuel. Also, the fuel collection tanker should be positioned carefully so that it does not interfere with the movement of other vehicles. Adequate ventilation should be provided as the inhalation of fuels can be dangerous to health.

If you do have waste fuel which needs collecting then please do not hesitate to give us a call.