A petrol station got its fuel mixed up and people’s cars started to break down

A fuel mix up at a petrol station has left drivers facing repair bills running into hundreds of pounds.

About a dozen motorists have taken to social media to report that their cars either broke down or “juddered along” after filling up at the Applegreen Petrol Station on Tremains Road in Bridgend.

One affected motorist, who set up a Facebook group about the issue, said he put what he thought was £25 worth of unleaded into his car, but it turned out to be diesel.

A spokesman for the company has apologised to customers and said they will reimburse their repair costs.

He said that in common with other companies they contract out their fuel haulage and the haulier had put the diesel into the unleaded tank, which then mixed with some unleaded fuel that was already in there, so those drivers which used the affected pumps received a mixture of the two.

He said unleaded petrol had also been put into the diesel tanks and an investigation is ongoing.

The affected driver said he set up the Facebook group after becoming frustrated by the response of Applegreen’s head office in Bedfordshire.

But he added the manager of the garage itself “has been brilliant”.

Other motorists posting on the Facebook page reported their cars had lost power and broken down altogether.

One said a garage had quoted her more than £500 to repair the damage.

Part of the Applegreen station remained taped off on Wednesday and two petrol tankers stood on the forecourt while the affected tanks were cleaned out.

The spokesman said they shut down the site as soon as the issue, which affected some but not all of their underground tanks, became apparent.

He said they are confident the issue is isolated to those tanks and two pump islands.

“We are very sorry it happened and we apologise to all our customers,” he added.