Here at Fuel Sucks, we have vast experience in fuel testing and analysis. We can test a wide range of fuels including petrol, diesel, aviation and heating oil.

Please give us a call on 0808 147 1477 to talk in more detail about the specific fuels that you would like to be tested. Keeping an eye on the quality of fuel through regular fuel testing has never been so important.

An increase in FAME content in fuels coupled with the ever reducing presence of sulphur levels, means the risk of fuel contamination is now higher than ever before.

Fuel and oil bug alert!

Not only do fuel users need to be aware of fuel bugs or common bacteria associated with microbial contamination, but they should also be aware of the other types of fuel degradation which can occur in modern oil tanks and fuel storage facilities.

This is why at Fuel Sucks, we offer complete and comprehensive fuel testing and fuel analysis services, measuring a full range of fuel quality aspects.

fuel sampling

Fuel and oil assessments include:



ISO cleanliness (particulate examination)

Microbial contamination level

Sulphur content

FAME content

Water content

Petrol contamination (optional)

All of the above assessments are compiled into a simple and easy to interpret fuel analysis report, which is issued with every fuel sample we assess.

So regardless of your level of knowledge regarding fuel quality, with our fuel analysis service, you will always be well-informed and supported with any guidance or advice required.

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