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Diesel Fuel Recycling

Fuel Sucks offers a reliable and professional service for removal and subsequent recycling of diesel fuels. Our national tanker coverage means in most instances we can respond within 72 hours. In some instances we can also pay you for the diesel we have collected.

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Diesel Recycling & Disposal

Sometimes diesel and red diesel can become contaminated with each other. It is very common to mix up white and red diesel, however do not panic because we can easily fix this for you and safely uplift and recycle the fuel. Do not hesitate to call one of our experts for advice on what to do or to arrange a collection of your redundant diesel or red diesel.

The diesel or red diesel can also become aged if it is left for a prolonged period of time, causing biological growth. If the fuel is aged then it is also likely it contains water contamination.

If left untreated the contaminants will grow and eventually render the diesel in which they reside, useless. Fuel degradation can be a costly problem for businesses who don’t take precautionary steps to avoid it, especially if they rely on data centres powered by generators. Both generators and back up generators will fail to work if the fuel is contaminated. If you are worried that your diesel or red diesel is contaminated then please give us a call and let Fuel Sucks take care of everything for you 0808 1471477.

Types of industries & customers we service:

Hazardous Waste Collection Companies

ELV Centres

Metal Recyclers

Vehicle Recovery Companies

Misfuel Companies

We collect white and red diesel out of tanks, barrels and IBC’s. We can also provide storage options for your redundant diesel fuels. This ensures that the fuel is being stored correctly in compliance with the Environment Agency (EA) rules and regulations.

Give us a call today and see what we can offer for your redundant diesel or red diesel. You may be thinking to yourself who buys contaminated fuel and why?

We polish contaminated, aged and off-spec fuels nationwide and can fractionally distil it, therefore separating the fuels.

We buy redundant diesels nationwide and pay the best rebates across the UK.

Once the diesel has been collected from your vehicle, storage tanks, vessels or drums we’ll take it for recycling. If the fuel is beyond reuse, it will be taken for disposal and handled accordingly to the required environmental standards. If the diesel or red diesel can be recycled we will be likely to pay you a rebate. All required legal paperwork will be supplied for full traceability of your transfer. We also offer a unique online system for storage and delivery of your waste transfer documents.

Full paperwork traceability.

Metered tanker readings

Nationwide road coverage

Waste hierarchy ``best choice``

Best UK rebates

Fantastic Customer Service

Environment Agency
Natural Resource Wales