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Aviation Fuel Recycling

Fuel Sucks offers a reliable and professional service for removal and subsequent recycling of aviation fuels. Our national tanker coverage means in most instances we can respond within 72 hours. In some instances we can also pay you for the fuel we have collected.

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Aviation Fuel Recycling & Disposal

Jet fuel, aviation turbine fuel (ATF), or Avtur, is a type of aviation fuel designed for use in aircrafts powered by gas-turbine engines. It is colourless to straw-coloured in appearance. You may need to dispose of your Jet A1 and Avtur if it becomes contaminated with water or if the aircraft requires draining or servicing Fuel Sucks offers an aviation fuel recycling and disposal service.

Studies indicate that aviation gasoline (AVGAS) is frequently accidentally poured on aircraft parking ramps every year from sampling fuel during pre-flight inspection.

Whether the Avtur fuel is bulked up after testing for moisture growth or requires draining direct from the aeroplane call Fuel Sucks 0n 0808 1471477 and arrange an aviation fuel collection with us where we will uplift and recycle your aviation fuel professionally.

If the aviation fuel contains water moisture then we may still be able to collect it.

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So, who buys waste aviation fuel?

Look no further if you are looking for the best rebates for your aged or off spec aviation fuel. We buy redundant and off-spec aviation fuels all over the UK. Give us a call to see how much your redundant fuel may be worth 0808 1471477.

We collect aviation fuel out of tanks, barrels and IBC’s. We can also provide storage options for your redundant fuels. This ensures that the fuel is being stored correctly in compliance with the Environment Agency (EA) rules and regulations.

Redundant or Contaminated aviation fuels should be recycled because it can be harmful to the Environment if there is a spillage or, if the fuel is burned, the emissions may damage the ozone layer therefore contributing to Global Warming. It is a requirement by the EA, Natural Resources Wales and SEPA that you dispose of your redundant aviation fuel safely and correctly. We can help you there.

Our tankers are fast and responsive so we can get a collection organised within a matter of days.

Once the waste aviation fuel has been collected from your vehicle, storage tanks, vessels or drums we’ll take it to be recycled or disposed of. If the fuel is beyond reuse, it will be disposed according to the required environmental standards. If the aviation fuel can be recycled we will be likely to pay you a rebate. All required legal paperwork will be supplied for full traceability of your transfer. We also offer a unique online system for storage and delivery of your waste transfer documents.

Full paperwork traceability.

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