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Ever find yourself with surplus or contaminated fuel?

Over time, fuel becomes weathered and degraded due to storage conditions or the original make up of the fuel. It is a proven fact that modern fuels contain a content of bio-fuel which over a short space of time, without the correct storage will affect longevity and quality of all fuels.

If this fuel is left unused it will slowly degrade and cause the tank or drums they are stored in to corrode.

Eventually this could lead to a fuel spill as the storage container will become faulty and may breach, causing significant damage to the environment.

Why not give us a call before it gets to this stage?

Fuel Sucks can collect your unwanted fuel and we can also pay you the best rebates for it. Due to our dedicated recycling facility and fuel network we are the best placed company in the UK to deal with this type of enquiry.

Due to our understanding of the complexities involved recycling and re-refining contaminated or redundant fuels our experience is key to retrieving the best value for your waste fuel.

The profile of the clients we service requires a 24 hour on demand service. We have a dedicated 24 hour response telephone number for any unfortunate eventualities. Our scheduled collection service also means we can offer a firm date and narrow time window for your fuel collections.

Fuel Sucks is fully compliant with the Environment Agency, SEPA and Natural Resources (Wales). All relevant consignment paperwork is provided for collections. Risk and method statements can be provided for collections and all collection drivers are competently trained, with regular refresher courses.

Give us a call now to see how much your waste fuel is worth on 0808 1471477