UK Petrol Prices To Rise After Trump Ditches Iran Nuclear Deal!

  British motorists have been warned they will pay more than 2p extra a litre when filling up their vehicles over the next fortnight, owing to Donald Trump ditching the Iran nuclear deal. The price of oil has already climbed from about $75 (£54) to $77 a barrel since the US said it would ...

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Costa Rica To Ban Fossil Fuels And Become World’s First De-carbonised Society

Costa Rica’s new president has announced a plan to ban fossil fuels and become the first fully de-carbonised country in the world. He arrived at the inauguration ceremony in San Jose aboard a hydrogen-fuelled bus as a symbol of the announcement. Costa Rica already generates more than ...

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Why Red Diesel Is Cheaper Than Regular Fuel

As the cost of fuel rises, some people are exploring other ways to power vehicles and heat homes. Some people might wonder what the actual difference is between red diesel and the fuel you can purchase at the pump. Firstly, the chemical difference is fairly insignificant. This is fuel used to ...

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