Fuel Costs Rise To Two-Year High At The Pumps

Petrol and diesel costs have hit their highest levels since December 2014, with increased pump prices starting to affect spending levels, according to the AA. Statistics showed that the average price for unleaded petrol passed the £1.20-per-litre barrier this week, while diesel was at £1.23. ...

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Britain Left Cold

Fuel poverty data released by the Office of National Statistics earlier this year shows that 2.38 million homes are currently classed as ‘fuel poor’, representing a 1.4% increase on previous figures. The statistics also underline that fuel poverty is more prevalent in rural areas where ...

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Who is more likely to misfuel men or women?

According to recent research conducted by the RAC, men are more likely to put the wrong fuel into their vehicle than women are. The research reported that 13% of men admitted to misfuelling compared with 8% of women. Another surprising fact is that the police have actually spent over £600,000 ...

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